Defending Information Integrity: Blockchain-Powered Notary

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Reports (2018 Macedonian Referendum)
MOST Citizen’s Association
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MOST_3-16 September_English
MOST_30 September_English
MOST_30 September_Macedonian
Reports and a form for checking reports on the blockchain will be added here on September 30th.
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The Democracy Notary verifies the authenticity of your documents.

Trusted civil society organizations vetted by the Design 4 Democracy Coalition are able to upload their document to the cryptographically secured Emercoin blockchain to verify that it's an unalterable, timestamped, validated original or manipulated copy.

How it works

Step 1
Design 4 Democracy Coalition creates an event on the blockchain-powered system with a list of vetted organizations
Step 2
Vetted organization adds a report to the blockchain-powered system
Step 3
The public can access the verified report through the website


Blockchain technology can be used to verify sensitive civil society reports for elections or other civic events.

Macedonian Referendum

The referendum was called in response to Macedonia’s recent agreement with Greece to solve the long-standing name dispute between these two countries, a pre-condition for Macedonia’s membership to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union.
New events are coming soon


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